Frequently Asked Questions


How much will I save by joining ABN?

This depends on three main factors;

  1. How many projects you build each year
  2. What percentage of ABN suppliers you choose to do business with
  3. What you are currently paying for materials

At ABN our builder members are collectively building over 500 homes per year and this number is increasing on a monthly basis. This collective buying power empowers ABN to negotiate some of the most competitive rates in the industry. To find out how much your business can save please contact us for a no obligation interview.

Does ABN guarantee the cheapest prices?

Not always. ABN only commits to doing business with proven reputable suppliers. The construction industry is flooded with cheap untested products and suppliers which we refuse to do business with. We encourage all potential new builder members to compare apples with apples.

If you are comparing like for like products from the same suppliers, then ABN guarantees you'll get a better deal. If not, we will then hold our suppliers to account.

How do I get access to the price files?

Once a builder has been approved for membership, they will receive a username and password to access all pricing from a user friendly online builders portal accessible from anywhere you have internet.

Can anybody become a member of ABN?

Currently our membership is only offered to registered builders in Metropolitan Melbourne and some regional areas. In addition, ABN will be introducing new membership models to suit tradies in the near future.

How much is the membership fee?

Membership is $149 per month. 

How is the membership fee paid? Monthly/yearly?

Membership fees are paid monthly via direct debit.

Is ABN a franchise?



Am I locked into a contract?

No. There are no lock in contracts with ABN. Members are free to cancel their membership at any time. 

Do I have to use all ABN suppliers?

No. Members can pick and choose which suppliers they wish to work with. However, we do encourage our members to support our suppliers so we can continue to negotiate the best deals for our members. 

What is the ABN difference from its competitors?

- No lock in contracts

- No upfront fees

- No franchise agreements

- Free to cancel membership at any time with no penalties

- Run by professional and experienced builders 

What is the experience of ABN staff/directors and how can they help me?

ABN is run by 3rd generation registered builders with experience in custom and volume home building. ABN management can share their wealth of knowledge and experience with their members to help them grow or manage their construction business more efficiently.

Is the showroom open to the general public?

No. The showroom is exclusively available to builder members only 

Is the showroom open on the weekends?

The showroom is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday via online booking.

Saturday bookings are only available if booked through the Colour Consultant.

We are closed on Sundays.

Can I bring my clients through the showroom for colour selection?

Absolutely. This service is included in your membership fee. Members can book the showroom online. Alternatively ABN offers an optional Colour Consultation service through a professional Colour Consultant for an additional fee

How will the colour selection process save me and my client money and time?

Traditionally small builders will send their clients to multiple suppliers to complete their selection process such as choosing tiles, carpet, floor boards, taps, joinery and paint colours and the list goes on. This process can be time consuming and frustrating for clients not to mention making the builder look unprofessional.

ABN can offer builders and their clients a hassle free selection process in one location under the one roof at ABN's Product Selection Showroom.

Builder Members have the option of completing the selection process with their own clients or they can delegate the entire selection process to ABN's professional Colour Consultant freeing them to focus on other things.

As a builder if you value providing good customer service and leaving a lasting impression on your clients then using ABN's Showroom and Colour Consultant is for you. 

How do I get access to the showroom?

The showroom is available for bookings from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. It can be booked online through the builders portal. The showroom can be booked up to a 4 hour block in which time Members and their clients will have exclusive access with no interruptions. 

Will ABN get involved if a dispute arises with an ABN supplier?

Yes. Part of our job at ABN is to ensure that our members are getting the best service from our suppliers.

If we find out that a supplier has genuinely let down our builder members then we will investigate and take action to resolve any issues. 

Does ABN have a showroom in another location closer to me?

Currently there is one showroom located in Tullamarine Melbourne. We have builder members from all over Melbourne and even some regional areas who use our showroom. 

How does ABN review price files with suppliers?

Most are reviewed on an annual basis and others more frequently. ABN is constantly working behind the scenes to negotiate the best deals for its members. 

How do I contact the suppliers and open trading accounts?

Once a builder is approved as an ABN member, all suppliers are notified in writing. New members receive an introduction pack which includes a list of key contacts and account application forms to commence trading with our suppliers. 

Apart from very competitive rates and showroom support what other ways can ABN benefit me and my business?

ABN also benefits builders by;

- Providing marketing support

- Mentoring services

- Guiding builders to grow their business

- Providing solutions to achieve a better work/life balance

- Improving credibility and market presence

- Providing access to Architectural home designs to promote as your own 

Once I join ABN do I place my orders directly with the ABN suppliers?

Yes. All our members place their orders directly with our supplier partners. 

How long has ABN been operating?

ABN is run by 3rd generation builders since 2012.