Product Selection Centre (PSC)

display products to your clients

What is the PSC?

The Product Selection Centre (PSC) is a showroom exclusively set up for Builder Members to use as if their own.
Members can take their clients through the Centre in order to complete full products and colour selection under the one roof. The PSC will display products from all the suppliers.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Builder signs contract and defines standard specifications with client
Step 2 – Builder books PSC for product & colour selection prior to construction commencing
Step 3 – Client completes product & colour selection at PSC
Step 4 – All variations are signed & specifications are updated
Step 5 – Builder ready to place orders

Remember, as Members you can choose to perform the product & colour selection with your clients or you can appoint one of ABN’s professional staff Members to take care of it on your behalf.


What else can the PSC be used for?

The PSC can be used by Members to conduct meetings with their clients in our dedicated meeting and conference rooms.

Members can also utilise the Centre as a showpiece for their business to impress prospective clients and to help you close the deal.



How will the PSC benefit Members?

  • Complete your products and colour selection quickly and easily before you commence construction
  • Eliminate the hassle of sending your clients to several suppliers for product selection
  • Increase your profit margins by upselling products
  • Improve your business profile by providing your clients with a hassle free experience in a professional environment
  • Members have the option to use ABN’s professional product and colour consultants


Operating hours and bookings

The PSC will be open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Members will need to pre-book time slots to use the Centre facilities.