Product Selection Showroom

Elevate Your Business with Our Exclusive Showroom Service

At ABNetwork, we understand the unique needs and aspirations of small and medium-sized residential builders. That’s why we offer our exclusive Showroom service, currently available for our Victorian Premium Members.

Located in Tullamarine, Melbourne, our showroom serves as an extension of your business, providing a platform to attract customers, enhance sales, and elevate your business credibility.

Impress and Attract Customers

In today’s competitive market, making a memorable impression is essential. Our showroom empowers you to create a lasting impact on potential customers.

Step into our beautifully designed space, showcasing a wide range of building materials, finishes, and fixtures from reputable suppliers and brands.

From entry-level builder’s range products to exquisite cabinetry, luxurious flooring options, cutting-edge appliances, and energy-efficient solutions, our showroom offers a carefully curated selection that will captivate your clients and cater to building budgets of all needs.

Boost Your Sales and Enhance Business Credibility

Utilizing our showroom as a strategic selling point can significantly boost your sales and enhance your business credibility.

By presenting your clients with a visually stunning showroom filled with top-of-the-line products, you instill confidence and reinforce your commitment to quality.

The opportunity to upsell and provide exceptional upgrades positions your business as a reliable and trusted choice for their residential projects. This increased credibility can lead to a stronger reputation and a steady stream of satisfied clients.

Drive Higher Profits through Upselling

Our Showroom service offers an excellent opportunity for you to maximize your profits.

By showcasing a wide range of high-quality products and materials, you can upsell to your clients and offer them premium options that enhance their projects.

Capitalize on the showroom experience to demonstrate the added value and benefits of upgrading to higher-end products, finishes, or features.

Upselling not only increases your revenue but also allows you to deliver exceptional results that exceed your clients’ expectations.

Colour Consultation Service

For our Victorian customers, we offer an additional service to enhance their experience: the Colour Consultation Service.

This optional service provides access to a qualified interior designer/colour consultant who can manage your customer selection needs using our showroom facility on a job-by-job basis.

This service ensures expert guidance and a seamless colour selection process, tailored to meet the unique preferences and requirements of your clients. However, if you prefer, you can also conduct your own colour selections.

Our colour selection consultant will carefully document your clients’ selections and present them to you, allowing you to confidently order the correct building materials to suit their needs.

Meeting and Boardroom Facilities

In addition to our showroom, we also provide access to our meeting and boardroom facilities.

We understand the importance of conducting business in a private setting, which is why we have dedicated rooms for our customers to meet their clients.

Whether you need to deliver a PowerPoint presentation or simply require space to discuss your clients’ project needs, our dedicated meeting rooms offer the privacy and comfort you need. Conduct business with confidence and professionalism in our well-equipped meeting spaces.

Save on Overhead Costs

One of the significant benefits of utilizing our Showroom service is the cost savings it provides to your business.

By utilizing our showroom, you eliminate the need to tie up capital and invest in setting up your own showroom facility. This means you can avoid expenses such as rent, staff salaries, and utility bills associated with operating and maintaining a showroom.

Our Showroom service allows you to access a fully-equipped and professionally curated space without the financial burden of establishing and running your own facility.

Convenient Booking Process

Booking our showroom and meeting rooms has never been easier. As an ABNetwork customer, you can conveniently schedule your visits through our online builders portal.

Simply access the portal, select your desired date and time, and reserve your spot in our showroom or meeting rooms. We prioritize your convenience and aim to make the process as seamless as possible, so you can focus on delivering exceptional results to your clients.

Visit Our Showroom Today

We invite you to visit our exclusive showroom and discover how it can transform your business. Let us help you attract customers, improve sales, and enhance your business credibility.

Take advantage of the opportunity to upsell and achieve higher profits while providing your clients with exceptional upgrades.

Schedule a showroom visit today and explore our extensive range of products. Experience the ABNetwork difference firsthand.

Contact us now to learn more about our Showroom Service, Colour Consultation Service, and Meeting Room Facilities or if you have any other enquiries.

We look forward to being your partner in success.